High oxygen concentrated natural water

This natural mineral water containing the highest level (150μg/L) of rare vanadium is collected at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
A new drinking water “Fusami-Water” with a mild and refreshing taste, has been born by making full use of the most advanced NANO technology; this has resulted in the water containing plenty of Ultra-Fine-Bubble.

“Fusami-Water” delivers mineral moisture to the body.

In addition to vanadium, which is said to support the dietary habits of people alive today and can be expected to maintain health, it is a blessing of Mt. Fuji, which is weakly alkaline and rich in mineral components such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

High-oxygen natural water that is quickly absorbed by the body.

Since “Fusami-Water” contains several times as much as the amount of oxygen contained in ordinary natural water, nano-sized oxygen particles work out on the body thoroughly.

What is Ultra-Fine-Bubble?

"Fine bubbles" are divided into two categories, namely "Micro-Bubbles" and "Ultra-Fine-Bubbles", depending on the size of the bubbles; bubbles with a diameter between less than 100μm and 1μm (=0.001 mm) or more are called "Micro-Bubbles", and from that, extremely smaller bubbles with a diameter of less than 1μm are called "Ultra-Fine-Bubbles. In addition, "Micro-Bubbles (MB)" are small bubbles that appear white and cloudy, slowly rise in the water, and disappear.

Conventional oxygen water contains a large amount of microbubbles (MB), and there is a problem that the oxygen concentration decreases over time after bottle filling.

On the other hand, it is assumed that “Fusami-Water” is one of the products with the highest level of oxygen concentration in the Japan mineral water industry. The most advanced NANO technology has resulted in the natural water containing the maximum level of Ultra-Fine-Bubble (UFB).

It is recognized that Ultra-Fine-Bubbles are easy to penetrate into the body, and therefore, effective when exercising.

Characteristics of Ultra-Fine Bubbles(UFB)
《In comparison with (MB)》

The size of the bubbles is the smallest.
Without levitating due to Brownian motion,
remains in water for a long time.

Small bubbles appear white and cloudy, slowly rise in the water and disappear.

Comments about Fusami-Water from customers

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Product Specifications

Hardness : 34.6mg/L (Soft water)
pH : 8.0 (Weakly Alkaline)
Vanadium : 150μm/L
Dissolved oxygen content :

More than 40mg/L when filling

Nutrition Information(Per 100㎖)
Energy : 0kcal
Protein : 0g
Sodium : 2.0mg
(Eq. to Sodium Chloride : 0.005g)
Potassium : 0.10mg
Calcium : 0.81mg
Magnesium : 0.35mg
Intake location of Raw water :

Kuroda, Fujinomiya-City, Shizuoka Pref.

Manufacturing plant :

Mi-Factory Co., Ltd. Izu Plant

The Japan Cycling Federation (JCF)

Both Tokyo Yuka Co., Ltd. and MI Factory Co., Ltd. are the official supplier of the Japan Cycling Federation's track race.

In order to achieve their mission of "becoming the best in the world" in track race, we are supporting them by supplying "Fusami-Water", etc.

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